The Power of Infor e-Commerce

Infor e-commerce helps to strengthens customer partnerships by providing a superior e-commerce platform for both your esteem customers and partners. Appreciating that the customer services available to a businesses’ clients is crucial in determining the success of the business, many businesses today seek to extend their customer services across networks. Customers are given more power and greater freedom to find information, browse and buy whenever they choose.

This freedom consequently translates to an increase in conversion rate, sales and ultimately, profit. By giving your esteem customers and partners freedom to place orders anytime –without having to go through your rather irritating call center procedures and, or hours of operation activities- and buy whenever they choose, you are driving in-store traffic, establishing a solid online presence and strengthening the business brand in the market. This is what you need to take your business to the next level in a competitive business environment.

E-commerce has opened up the online marketplace to enable easier access to information and faster flow of business transaction. Up-to-date your product information, specifications, alternate product availability, product costs and order-tracking can easily be done at the convenience of customers and partners of the business through a single self-service, online entry point. By doing so, the business has more productive interaction time with its customers and partners. This is reflected in the increase in productivity and profit levels of the business.

What is Infor e-Commerce

Infor e commerce is now a popular business application that provides a number of web-shopping functionality including a self-service, customer ordering platform. It enables the customer to place orders at their own time and gain access to catalogs, product availability and cost information over a real-time internet-based shop platform. It also provides vital information to businesses that manage very complex trading channels. This application is suitable for companies that have an extremely mixed customer base, offer many products and a wide range of catalogs, and manage various assortment of products.

This business application and platform provides a single comprehensive view of all customer-facing processes and reduces the expenditure of order management by providing an online access to all products and services. It helps businesses quickly establish a solid online presence and helps create a stringer customer and partner relations by integrating a number of customer service solutions to the business.

The best thing about it is that it is an easy to use and ready to run application. Furthermore, it is integrated to the Infor ERP application suites to better help manage business resources.

How Infor e-Commerce Increases Business

Infor e-commerce offers great opportunities to businesses seeking to redefine their customer service provision. It improves the customer service by providing the businesses’ partners and customers with real-time current product information, availability and alternative products offered, costs details, promotional offers available and other information that will enhance the customers ordering and shopping experience. It enables the customer to place orders anytime at their convenience and reduces the traditional post-order and pre-order processing time. All this is done through a single online entry point. This makes the cost of business, order management and operation costs are greatly reduced to improve business. What’s more, productivity and profit is positively affected since there will be an increase in conversion rate, and an increase in sells.

This e-commerce platform seamlessly collaborates with all your IT components to enhance information flow between itself and these components, whenever and wherever, in the business system. Not only does it enable information flow, but also helps the business retain its current customers and win over new customers by adjusting the customer processes to be more customer friendly and cost-efficient at the same time.

Because this easy-to-use e-commerce solution can be integrated with the Infor ERP and with other external systems, it offers the business a high degree of configurability and flexibility at a low cost. This enables for an “outside in” approach to ordering and customer collaboration as well as help make more secure transactions to enable customers place orders whenever they choose and in a manner they prefer. All this is made possible by the availability of information from the integration of systems and the order tracking feature that safeguards both the business and the customers making orders and doing business with the company.

Also, you get a single comprehensive view of all customer-facing processes and helps the business extend it enterprise by cutting down on order management costs, improve the flow of business, and intensify audience exposure. The business is able to maintain and fortify partnerships with highly valued customers and partners by modifying their e-commerce platform to be able to address specific process requirements of these individual or grouped customers. By providing a single comprehensive view of the customer-facing processes, it helps the business enterprise be able to meet customer needs, hence improving the company’s branding and solidifies its presence in the market to give the business a much needed head start in a competitive business environment.

It will help your business establish a strong presence online and maximize its visibility to Search engines by improving its search engine rankings. This is achieved at a low cost, lesser time and effort compared to what would have been the case with SEO activities.

What it means

Infor e-commerce has the power to help your business climb to the next level and stay valid in a competitive business environment. It will help you reach the market quicker and access vital information that are important for product improvement. By maximizing your visibility and audibility in the online market place, your business will be able to improve its branding, attract new customers and maintain a competitive edge.

Your business is also able to better meet the specific needs of highly valued customers as well as maintain important partnerships through customized customer procurement processes. It will help you better manage and handle customer processes as well as improve on the vital area of customer service in order to improve customer and partners relations. This will come at a low cost but a greater profit because it will help drive more in-store traffic, which will in term translate to increased conversion rate and ultimately increase productivity and business profit. All this through a single Infor e-commerce platform.

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