Understanding The Potential Of Infor CloudSuite

Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers worldwide has launched Infor cloudsuite which can help to simplify your IT requirement and also cut the cost of operating your business. From OS licenses and hardware to IT operations and ongoing system upgrade , Infor cloudsuite can help to manage all your key infrastructure component .You will be able to lower total cost of business ownership and keep all your system up to date more easily and also make technology what is should be. Indeed. Infor cloudsuite is a strategic asset that will help you achieve your business goals.

Infor cloudsuite allows you to choose the best option for deploying your data. It provides options that will help you to make your information both portable and secure. Serving more than 12 million users worldwide, Infor cloudsuite is highly flexible software that can help you achieve your dreams.

The Benefits of Infor CloudSuite

1. It enables you to meet customer demands

As your business grows you will need to produce more products in order to meet customer demands. Infor cloudsuite will enable you to streamline and speed production so as to meet customer demands. It enables you to boosts productivity across your entire enterprise from the top level to the bottom so that you can meet and even exceed high volume production schedule while maintaining high efficiency.

2. Faster return on investment

Infor cloudsuite enables customers to experience faster return on investment and a reduced total cost of ownership as cloud delivery is managed through subscription. Without the need to purchase additional onsite servers and hardware or hire additional IT staff, Infor cloudsuite is actually cost effective. Your return on investment will be first and the cost of business operation will be low.

3. Enhanced communication

When you use this application, information within the organization will flow freely and your team can connect better across multiple departments and properties. It will give the company the flexibly it need with a focus on safety and security of information so as to attract more customer and also retain the current customers. Employees will be able to access vital information about the client easily and this can greatly help them to advice the client accordingly. Inter departmental communication will also be enhanced and employees will be able to share data easily but in a secure way. There will be greater customer satisfaction because all customer information are stored in a central place where they can be accessed easily when need.

4. Easy to manage complex product and program launch

If you own an automotive company, you will probably need to introduce high tech equipments so as to meet the ever increasing customer demand. The complexity of adding new system and increased requirement of configuration will require you to have technological capabilities that go beyond traditional nuts and bolts design and manufacturing approaches. Infor cloudsuite will support high tech capabilities like chain collaboration, 3D printing and end to end quality management to help you manage electronic integration and high technology so as to meet the needs of more complex parts and modules.

5. Plan and forecast better

As globalization continues to escalate, many locations are actually at risk of overcapacity. In addition, Company faces workforce shortages and projected bottleneck within certain portion of the chain supply. Infor cloudsuite will help you anticipate how this trend will affect you business so that you can always stay on top of the game. This application has complete business visibility and timely report that improve the accuracy of planning and forecasting. This application will make it possible for you to predict what the future market trends will be and also give you solution on how to cope with those changes.

6. Reduce cost of quality

With Infor cloudsuite, you can be sure that quality is guaranteed. But to be competitive, you not only need to meet quality requirements but also do so at the lowest cost possible. If you are able to manufacture or produce high quality product with minimal cost, you will actually be in the best position to take full advantage of the ever evolving market opportunities. Infor cloudsuite will not only help your business comply with regulations but will also help you manage all factors of production that can drive up cost. With this application, you will be able to streamline all factors of production, manage changes efficiently, minimize warrantee claims, reduce waste and rework and quickly identify the root cause of failures to avoid lager impacts.

7. Increase profitability

You business can only be profitable if it is balanced with streamline processes, inventory turns, efficiency gains and other operation cost saving. Infor cloudsuite will greatly reduce the cost of production thus enabling to make profits. There will also be greater customer satisfaction meaning that you will be able to retain your current customers and also be able to attract potential customers.

8. Improve decision making through analytics

With Infor cloudsuite, all vital customer information will be stored in a central place where it can easily be accessed by staff members. This will enable them to advice customers better regarding a certain issue because they have more information about the customer. Inter departmental integration will also be enhanced and staff will be able to communicate and share data better. This application will also enable you to predict future market trend thus enabling you to make better decision that can improve the efficiency of the company.

9. Security

If there is one thing that Infor cloudsuite is really perfect with is security. This application is very secure. It is not easy to access information if you are not authorized. Its security system is categorized into 4 sections. They include application security, network security, physical security and operation security. In operation security, only restricted members are allowed to use the system. All data are encrypted using mechanism like PGP/SSL and secure FTP.

In conclusion, Infor cloudsuite can open world of opportunity to your business and make it easier and more cost effective for you to do your day to day operations. Don’t miss the chance to experience how Infor cloudsuite can help you simplify your IT infrastructure, reduce total cost of owner ship and build a technology platform with flexibility and scalability to meet your need now and as your business changes.

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Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.