Using Infor Demand Planning to Forecast Accuracy

Infor Demand Planning is a powerful solution for developing accurate forecasts of customer demand, taking into account promotions new product launches, trends and reasonability. It actually supports collaboration of both internal and external users to develop an enterprise wide view of demand to drive sales and operation planning.

It offers advance statistical capabilities combines with market knowledge to bring pinpoint accuracy of your demands plans. As a result, you will actually get a single global view of the truth that provides the foundation of your sales and operations and also help you to achieve a measurable service improvement. This will enable you to respond quickly to market change and also build speed across your organization.

At the front end of your supply chain, your demand plan accuracy helps you drive your production, distribution, inventory and buying plans. With Infor demand planning, you will have all the tools that will enable you to improve forecasts accuracy with advanced statistical forecasting capabilities. You will not only get the sharpest but also the most accurate picture of what customers want which will be a solid foundation of your sales and operation. Besides helping you to forecast accurately, this application will help you create a fully synchronized demand replenishment plan that will be integrated in your ERP system.

Your ERP system address both your company’s past and presents but if you want your company to have a lasting success, then you must know how to deal with the future. The unparalleled depth and breadth of Infor supply chains will greatly help you to address future challenges .It has a large range of powerful features that can help your team make an informed decision when it comes to marketing products and also dealing with competition from other companies. Such features include:

1. Infor operation and sales planning

This feature helps to streamline information across all departments and levels of your organization to create a comprehensive plan that is based on horizontal and vertical collaboration thus helping you to close the gap between executive and operation of business strategy.

2. Infor demand planning 

This feature combines demand forecasting module with sophisticated forecasting algorithm, replenishment planner modules and inventory planner to keep all forecast in your company synchronized and a operation and sales operation modules to monitor the effectiveness and accuracy of your plans.

3. Infor advanced planning

This feature ensures that the supply chain is actually the best one or your business, it actually is all the work for you by calculating all tradeoffs and also ensuring that your company has an optimized manufacturing plan that satisfies all constrains and also makes the best use of your company’s assets

4. Infor advanced scheduling

This feature helps to schedule all patterns on all production lines simultaneously including an inter-dependencies thus delivering a scheduling that is totally synchronized down to the minute.

5. Infor supplier exchange

This is an advanced web enabled supplier relationship management solution that helps to facilitate an efficient and effective collaboration and execution with suppliers regardless of where they are, what language they speak or what system they use.

Infor demand planning also contains 3 modules that you can deploy separately or combine to form a complete supply chain planning platform. These modules include:

1. Demand planner 

This module accurately delivers self learning forecast for improved forecast accuracy.

2. Inventory planner

This module optimizes inventory at each distribution hub thus ensuring that highest level of available stock for a given customer service level target is available.

3. Replenishment planner

This module helps to plan distribution and inventory movement through every node of your supply chain from supplier through manufacturer and also to all levels of your distribution chain.

How Infor Demand Planning Will Benefit Your Company

1. Improved forecast accuracy

Unlike other supply chain management systems, Infor demand planning can help to forecast accurately. With its demand and forecasting feature which automatically detect trends, seasonality, slow moving items , step changes in demand and unusual outliers, it can confidently help you to predict what the future market will be thus enabling you to plan ahead. The self learning engine also enables you to forecast demand at any combination of customer, product group or channel. You can see the effect of events and promotions and their future impact hence enabling you to develop strategies that can enable your company be at the top of the game.

2. Increase responsiveness to customers

Infor demand planning will give you all the necessary information you need about your clients that will enable you to serve them better. Not only will you be able to forecast what the future market trend will be but will also enable you to know what your future customer demand and preference. When you have an insight of what the future market will be, you will be at great position to give your customers the best service because you actually know what they want. You will quickly respond to every customer need on time.

3. Lower cost of production

If you are able to predict what the future market will be, then you can cut the cost of production because you will be able to predict what the future will be. You will only produce the product that customers want. Your employees will also make an informed decision when dealing with sensitive issues that affect the welfare of the company.

4. Increases on time delivery performance

The performance of your company will increase tremendously. The time taken to manufacture or produce products will decrease because you will only be producing what the customer wants. The performance of your company will greatly be boosted as your employs will be more empowered with techniques that will enable them deliver quality service to customers.

In conclusion Infor supply chain will help you turn planning from an art into a science and get the most productive and profitable results. This suite of interactive and intuitive solution will add power and efficiency to both discrete manufacturers as well as batch process production environment. You will be able to operate a more efficient supply chain environment because you will have complete visibility and planned movement throughout your organization.

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