Using Infor Learning Management

Infor learning management is an end-to-end complete solution for delivering, reporting and authoring on learning throughout an extended enterprise. With support for the global deployment on mobile platforms, this solution assists you accelerate learning, improve training and also boost performance throughout the organization.

Using Infor Learning Management

What it is

This solution is actually the only learning management solution encompassing all the aspects of learning process in the organization. This solution fully supports strategic learning throughout the extended enterprise, it also manages all of the informal and formal learning, including virtual, mobile, online, and classroom learning. This solution also supports sharing, collaboration and networking.

This solution sets standards for efficient and fast transfer of knowledge to distribution, sales and supports very many channels worldwide. It is used by the most recognized brands in automotive, finance, manufacturing, insurance, energy, hospitality, and retail industries.

What it does

This solution delivers a complete learning management solution that perfectly combines;

1. Advanced content management

2. Sophisticated reporting

3. Mobile learning support

4. Compliance and certification management

5. Social collaboration as well as community learning features

This solution accelerates and simplifies your overall ability to effectively disseminate learning to all corners of the extended enterprise including suppliers, retailers, distributors, customers as well as other stakeholders. Learning content that is authored with this solution can be effectively played on all mobile platforms including IOS and Android devices, so that the remote and mobile employees can take full advantage of the learning materials as easily as the employees behind corporate firewall.

The excellent reporting features in this solution assists you to keep tabs on how well and often the intended learning audience readily takes advantage of training materials offered. It also assists track content mastery and course completion.

What it means

The simplicity and power of this solution allows the customers to:

1. Reduce training costs and time

2. Improve productivity for the newly hired employees

3. Accelerate the introduction of new products

4. Improve customer satisfaction and revenue by making the workforce more knowledgeable.

5. Enhance and also maintain very consistent brand messaging.

6. Leverage proprietary knowledge to enhance competitive advantage.

Core features

1. Advanced certification and compliance

2. Ad hoc reporting

3. Social learning

4. Content management, creation

5. Mobile learning.

Maximize return on capability

Return on investment (ROI) is very important, however, lasting success largely depends on return on capability (ROC); this generally means the consistent value that you obtain by positively transforming the way your employees in the organization perform. The workforce holds the key to success of the organization, so making the workforce more effective, connected and agile can greatly boost business efficiency as well as improve bottom line.

All this can be achieved using Infor learning management that manages instructional content, unifies the whole learning process and connects all devices that are used to access the content. With the correct learning management software, the organization will be strategically positioned for return on capability.

Learn with a very experienced partner

This solution assists many of the most successful companies in the world transform the business-critical knowledge to measurable results. This companies rely on this solution to help train external partners and employees, launch new products and also drive productivity across their extended enterprise.

Transfer knowledge faster

Manufacturers and retailers need to communicate consistently and quickly across many distribution channels to fully support their committed sales force. Transfer of knowledge is more challenging when the business operates globally and also needs to disseminate time-sensitive, essential communications to very scattered audiences in many different languages. This solution offers excellent technology solutions that meets the business objectives as well as satisfy the employees’ desire for intuitive, responsive as well as accessible, timely information sharing using tools they prefer.

Extend your reach

This solution offers a mobile-enabled, globalized learning solution to effectively meet the training, development and learning needs. With this solution, you will be able to effectively address the knowledge transfer challenges thus you quickly respond to change, no matter how spread out or large your organization is.

This solution is very easy to use as well as implement, assisting to quickly drive productivity and performance across your extended enterprise.

With this solution, you obtain tools for;

1. Learning management system (LCMS) and learning management system (LMS) integration 

Create, deliver, publish, track and manage learning content from one platform.

2. Mobile learning 

Interact with learning through tablets and smartphones. This solution is perfectly compatible with the major mobile devices.

3. Social learning 

Create videos, podcasts, wikis and blogs to enhance learning. In addition, enhance collaboration, informal learning and collaboration to support the learning objectives.

4. Certification and compliance management 

Enable tracking and robust certification management. Ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements and corporate programs.

5. Competency management

Assess, manage, evaluate and measure skills, behaviors and knowledge linked to the specific competencies. Assist the business units to effectively manage people skills and knowledge assets to deliver on the objectives of the business.

6. Learning portal 

Manage the overall gateway to the learning, enrollment and certification activities in the system. Establish numerous portals for your different audiences with just a single installation and also allow automated password retrieval and user profile updates and user self-registration.

7. Content authoring 

Content authors can update, create as well as localize engaging and effective media-rich content faster. Allow the learners to easily interact with content from smartphones, laptops and off-line.

8. E-commerce

Allow all learners to easily purchase your instructor-led training and online courses via account or credit card.

9. Administration

Schedule, manage and assign dates, courses, authors, locations and attendees. Provide scheduling, certification and registration for all of the training courses.

10. Web integration 

Connect this solution with other applications, like your talent and HR management systems, to effectively deliver highly personalized learning solutions. Manage data for levels, courses, curriculum and users.

Reap the benefits

With this solution, you will be able to:

1. Encourage collaboration

With this solution, learning is not limited to the individual or classroom. The learners are more empowered to take all their understanding and experiences and become active contributors and participants. Users can share their knowledge by organizing events, posting blogs, sharing multimedia and videos and much more.

2. Meet mobile demand

Use tablets and smartphones to provide line executives and sales teams with quick mobile access to the knowledge needed for success. You will be able to quickly respond to market changes, support the sales team with product knowledge they require so as to sell more and accelerate the time-to-market.

3. Overcome language and geographical barriers

Pre-translated interfaces, date and time formats and Localization and translation of system objects are easily supported in this solution.


With Infor learning management, you will automate administration, promote collaboration, track results and personalize learning.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.