What is Infor XA?

For discrete manufactures, Infor XA is the deepest, most secure and comprehensive ERP product on the market today. This proven solution is now in its 4th generation of technology and has 35 years of industry experience and functional development. It offers total information at the user level along with advanced integration architecture, embedded social networking and unmatched simplicity in administration. Based on the IBM power system platform, Infor XA actually brings flexibility and unparalleled power along with uncompromising security and reliability to deliver 40 percent lower IT costs.

What is Infor XA?

Infor XA is actually a dedicated discrete manufacturing system that covers every type of manufacturing including configure to order, engineer to order and high volume repetitive manufacturing. Wide range of manufacturing companies including industrial equipment, plastic fabrication, high tech, general metal, automotive and aerospace actually trust this manufacturing system because it delivers great results at lower cost than any other comparable solution.

Infor XA actually delivers deep industry specific solutions to companies of every size. With its flexible deployment option such as on-premises deployment and mixed cloud, this manufacturing system can adapt to suit any of your business needs. This means that you will not be forced to compromise on your needs in order to accommodate this manufacturing system. Infor XA is shielded by the protective architecture of IBM power system platform which is the most preferred security solution. Therefore you can be sure that there is no day your system security is going to be compromised. With Infor XA you will get deep industry specific functionality along with advanced user architecture.

Benefits of Infor XA

In today’s extremely competitive manufacturing environment, Infor XA will help keep your business way ahead of other as it will provide you with core functionality you need just in time. Below are the main benefits of using this manufacturing system.

1. It expands global capabilities.

With its fast and easy integrations, simplified upgrades and high degree of flexibly, you can be sure that this manufacturing system can really help you expand your global capabilities. You will be able to reach out to more customers with ease.

2. Minimal IT costs.

Infor XA can help reduce your overall IT cost by 40%. Other ERP system than runs on other platform normally operate at a cost than is 40% more than that of Infor XA. Customers of Infor XA usually spend less than 1 % of sales on IT costs.

3. Proven globally

With active customers in over 50 countries, localization and translation, Infor XA is indeed most preferred platform for global business. All businesses that use this manufacturing system have actually confirmed that this system works.

4. Modern user interface

Infor XA has a new modern user interface that gives users a familiar, easy to use environment that is designed to increase productivity. The new interface also enables employees to easily find information that is relevant to their jobs and even have data delivered to them automatically. In fact, once you experience it, you will not be able to imagine how you managed to work without it.

5. Access to Infor Ming.le

Infor Ming.le is a comprehensive platform for business process, improvement, social collaboration and contextual analytics. With Infor XA, you will get the most innovative social collaboration technologies translated into business environment and fully integrated across business process. You will be able to solve problems and get work done in ways you never thought it would be possible.

Increase the value of your solution and make the most of your maintenance investment by upgrading to Infor XA.

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