Why Infor AMSI Is The Solution for You

Infor AMSI is an integrated property management system that includes investment and development management, property management accounting, budgeting and focusing, tenant and lease management and building maintenance as part of an integrated suit. The software can be accessed over the internet on web-based solution and can also be installed on- premise. Infor AMSI is compatible with both iPad and Mac.

Infor AMSI is a great tool that can be used by residential property managers who mange from 500 to 15,000 apartments. This software also offers solutions to commercial management, student housing and senior living. It comes with complete set of critical features that helps the client to use it effectively. The property management accounting module includes account payable and receivable, general ledger and profits and loss analysis. The tenants and lease management module offers online payments, document management, insurance tracking and lead tracking. The building maintenance module includes inventory tracking, mobile support and purchase orders. Building maintenance and budgeting, accounting tenants and lease management and focusing module can be used as standalone applications or as part of an integrated package.

Why is Infor AMSI the Best Solution for You?

1. Multi-family Property Management

This software is able to manage multi property efficiently and effectively. With this software, you actually don’t have to worry how your properties are going to be managed because it has all the tools required to effectively manage all your property. In case there is a vacant house, you will be notified in time so that you look for another tenant.

2. Turns Challenges into Opportunities

Infor AMSI can help you turn the challenges of property management and construction into opportunities for streamlined operations, increased revenue and enhanced productivity. All the financial aspect of your property will be well managed thanks to property management accounting module integrated in this software. This module manages profits and loss analysis and general ledger thereby enabling you to get the real picture of how your property are fairing. Every challenge that you had before will be turned to opportunity that will in turn translate to profits.

3. Shorter Implementation Times

Mangers and investors of residential and commercial properties know how hectic it can be to implement a project. With Infor AMSI, you will not only have shorter implementation time but you will implement a proposal that is going to be successful.

4. Human Resource Management

AMSI’s human resource management can collect and analyze employee’s performance easily. It will also give you vital information about your employees to enable you run your organization better and also comply with government regulations. This software will help you turn your human resource management information into useful analysis of labor issues within your company. With one of the most flexible and extensive reporting function that is integrated into the system, you will be able to access and view employees information however and whenever you choose. This software will also give you guidelines on how to motivate your employees to boost their performance.

5. Financial Reporting

Infor AMSI has flexible options that can enable you improve the performance of your company by showing you up to date costs as well as projection at completion. With accurate projection, you can make some adjustments in time so that you get the expected projection at job completion. When making decision, you will be able to make informed decision on what measures you need to take so as to increase the productivity of your company.

6. Document Management

Infor AMSI provides a secure digital images of papers and electronic documents and also serves as a central place where all important documents that you rely on to run your company are kept. When all your construction documents are kept on a central place, you will, be able to access them easily when you need them. You will also be able to serve tour client well because you will be able to access information about your customers easily.

7. Job Management

AMSI solutions allows you to take full control of your company .it allows you to access information down to the smallness detail. You will actually spend less time identifying where your costs are on a job and spend more time determining how those costs actually affects job profitability. You will also be able to easily and quickly see each job cash flow with billing, cost and receipts presented in one report.

8. Business Management

The number one reason why many contractors choose Infor AMSI is to control job costs. Contractors can reap maximum benefits from AMSI’s total solution for constructions which enables them to closely monitor the costs .It also alerts you on potential problem early to give you time to correct it. Proper accounting control and practices have been integrated into the system to ensure that all your accounting records are managed with accuracy and integrity.

9. Service management

Infor AMSI provides a complete solution for contractors with service and maintenance offering. From dispatching, scheduling and customer relationship management to full billing capabilities, you can actually streamline all your service operations. Through the use of mobile technology, you will also leverage the power of field access to real-time data.

10. Increased Profits

With Infor AMSI, you will not only manage all the function of your business well, but you will also make profits. When using this software, you will not encounter financial errors and if one occurs, you will be notified in time to correct it. You will not need to worry about the normal running of your business because all operation will be managed by this software. You will have time to focus on ways that can improve efficiency of your business so as to make more profits. You will also be able to make informed decision because you will be provided all information that you need in time.

In conclusion, if you want your residential and commercial properties to be well managed then Infor AMSI is the best solution for you. With today’s increasingly sophisticated and fiercely competitive construction industry, you need reliable software that will give you quality service and Infor AMSI is there to ensure that you get quality services all the time.

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