Why Infor Optiva is the PLM Solution for You

Infor Optiva is a product lifecycle management solution for the food and beverages, specialty chemical industries and home and personal care. Optiva streamlines , integrate and manages the entire process of product development thus enabling companies to develop innovative products that meets the global market demand in less time and also at lower costs while significantly reducing the risk associated with new product innovation. Using Optiva, many companies are actually reducing time-to –market, ensuring regulatory compliance thus saving millions of dollars.

Infor Optiva is the only product life cycle management solution that increases innovation through collaboration, optimizes cost and performance as well as ensuring compliance with regulations for sustainable growth and profits and at the same time reducing costs and time. By streamlining the development process and integrating with ERP,this application can actually increase development speed by up to 50% or even more. Manufacturing analytic, inventory and materials inform buying to optimize production and operation process. No matter your industry, Optiva will always ensure that all your products are always in compliance with industry regulations in your area thus giving you time to focus on your core products.


1. Makes business be competitive

This application enables businesses to stay competitive by enabling them to develop high quality products at lower costs and also launch then more quickly into the market. The solution enhances the ability to deliver high quality products form a reliable, cost efficient formula while at the same time maintaining compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements.

2. Ensure 100% labeling compliance

For process companies sometimes the process of complying with label content requirements can be a daunting task.Optiva knows the importance of labeling compliance and it provides the capabilities food and beverages, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and home personal care companies need to design and produce reliable labels that consistently meet the regulation set by the government.

3. Delivers fast innovation

Companies that are using Optiva can actually reduce the time taken to develop new products by 50% or even more by improving supply chain collaboration, simplifying development processes and integrating product lifecycle management with enterprise resource planning and other core processes.

4. Collaboration

Infor Optiva enhances collaboration and it can enable you use social networking tools to get your customers, suppliers and partners on the same page thus improving efficiency and productivity.

5. Product data management

This application can enable you to manage more information in order to develop the highest quality products.

6. Optimize formulas

This application delivers amazing industry leading capability for analyzing inventory, material cost and manufacturing capacity to help process companies select the best formula for a given product. By optimizing product formulas efficiently, process companies can reduce material cost significantly and manufacture more efficiently.

7. Can support system from multiple vendors

Infor Optiva can consolidate information into one repository and as a platform neutral solution .This saves a lot of time, reduces production costs and also enable you manage the welfare of your company more efficiently.

In conclusion, when you use Infor Optiva, your company will become more responsive and agile to customers and your product performance will also increase.

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