Why Infor VISUAL Jobshop is the Solution You Need

Infor VISUAL Jobshop is a fast-implementing, affordable, small manufacturing solution. Businesses are looking for a solution that is integrated, easy-to-learn,  quick-to-install, and that’s what this offers. This solution usually includes some integrated tools for order entry, production, shipping, quoting, invoicing, inventory control, and labor collection. It’s an affordable system that conveniently offers easy to learn features of Microsoft Windows and also customizable reports to assist manage all the operations and position the company for growth.

VISUAL Jobshop is designed with continuous improvement taken into consideration. It helps to improve  workflow without spending money for technology that is not necessary. In addition, this solution integrates with the common financial packages like Peachtree Accounting and QuickBooks thus giving one power to address his or her accounting needs.

Why Infor VISUAL Jobshop?

1. Quoting and estimating

2. Engineering definition

3. Scheduling, finite and infinite

4. Purchasing

5. Material planning and procurement

6. Actual job costing

7. Inventory and shop floor control

8. Lot tracking

9. Shipping invoicing

10. Accounting integration

11. Advanced reports automated

12. QuickBooks integration

Optional Modules

1. Stand-alone Labor Data

2. Collection

3. Alternative currency

Labor Data Collection

1. Barcode – enabled reports

2. Real-time Labor Tracking Scanner

3. Touch Screen Compatibility

Financials Integrates With

1. QuickBooks Pro/Enterprise/Premier

2. Peachtree Accounting

3. Pastel software

VISUAL jobshop effectively addresses small manufacturers’ needs with very beneficial tools for streamlining business processes and managing operations.

Relational Database Technology

1. Centralize and consolidate your important business information.

2. Standardize administrative processes and establish operational consistency within a flexible, functional framework.

3. View real-time information throughout the shop.

4. Switch between SQL server and Microsoft Access.

Quoting and Estimating

1. Develop cost estimates accurately and quickly from established parts or scratch.

2. Account for the economies of scale and supplier price breaks automatically when developing the quotes for numerous quantities.

3. Mark-up your labor, service, burden and material costs in their own rates

4. Edit/Add notes based on the Authority Control.

Engineering Definition

1. Define the operational templates and routing structures and combined material bill for the parts produced.

2. Use the dimensional variable attributes to reduce the master amount one needs to maintain.

3. Edit/Add Notes based on the Authority Control.

Sales Order Management

1. Accept and also track orders for similar parts with numerous delivery dates

2. Return or ship orders with a single click of the mouse

3. Generate the pack lists automatically

4. Create invoices and send them optionally via e-mail to the customers

5. Edit/Add Notes based on the Authority Control

Inventory Control

1. Reduce many stock IDs using dimensional tracking while still ensuring that one has enough inventory to finish the job.

2. Quickly respond to the needs of customers with jobshop features which support and also easily recover from the ’negative’’ inventory positions.

3. Track material by Serial number or Lot number.

4. Setup many preferred vendors.

5. Define the consumable parts and also associated expense account.

Shop Floor Control

1. Quickly generate work orders that include linked files, pictures and complete work instructions.

2. Capture and also analyze all material, service, burden and labor costs charged against the job

3. Edit/Add Notes based on the Authority Control

4. Gather the company-specific data using user defined fields.

Authority Control

1. Setup multiple roles and users

2. Define the authorities based on the roles and then assign users to the roles

3. Define all control access to the ’status’’ fields in request for quotes, work orders, sales orders and purchase orders.

Scheduling, Planning and Purchasing

1. Manage the material requirements by stocking levels, by the job, or even a combination of the two.

2. View purchase needed material and requirements from the vendor with just a single click.

3. Schedule orders collectively or individually to clearly view load on the shop.

4. Generate schedules for the work centers

5. Receive to stock


1. Track the real cost of the material using First in, First Out (FIFO), multi-layer costing.

2. Export the financial transactions to the Peachtree Accounting, QuickBooks or any other financial application. The financial transactions can also be e-mailed to the accountant.

Training, Help and Support

1. Includes online books and the F1’ help that is context-sensitive

2. Includes computer based demonstrations and a Getting Started Guide that is very comprehensive to effectively facilitate learning and implementation.

Implementation and Training Support

Every Infor VISUAL jobshop Premier package includes, context-sensitive help, screen cam demonstrations, getting Started Guide, online guides and a getting started Wizard.

Infor also provides Web-based training

Sales Order Processing

This solution streamlines the workflow and also eliminates need for entering redundant data by efficiently integrating order entry, invoicing, shipping, production, inventory control and quoting.

With Infor VISUAL jobshop’s extensive reporting capability, one can also continuously improve the performance of his or her company and review profitability, sales and throughput.

Shop Floor Control

Integrated rich functionality and real-time information from the  VISUAL jobshop makes it very easy for one to effectively manage the shop floor operations, improve productivity and review critical reports.

Immediate access to very accurate data gives a competitive advantage in the marketplace today allowing one increase profits and also make knowledgeable decisions.

Automate Labor Tracking

The optional wizard for Labor Data collection and the standard module for Labor Data Collection allows the company to manage its employees better.

With the automated labor data collection one can track overhead costs and labor more accurately.


The scheduler of  VISUAL jobshop can plan one’s shop floor and the material requirement dates accurately based on the global rank and work order want dates.

Networks Supported

1. Peer-to-peer networks: windows XP, windows 2000 and Windows 98

2. Windows NT 4.0 Server

3. Windows 2000server

4. Windows 2003 server

5. Linus Server

Databases Supported

1. Microsoft Access

2. Microsoft MSDE

3. Microsoft SQL server

Accounting Data Exports

Premier/Enterprise/QuickBooks Pro, Peachtree Accounting and Pastel Software.

System requirements

1. windows-compatible plotter or printer

2. Mouse or other similar pointing device

3.2X or more CD-ROM drive

4. Minimum hard disk space of 250MB required for installation.

5. Microsoft windows 98, windows 2000 workstation, Windows NT workstation, windows Me or Windows XP.

6. A minimum memory of 128 MB required

One requires a software solution which fits the way he or she does business. This solution is perfectly designed by individuals who clearly understand small manufacturers’ needs and its also built by some professional who can effectively address ones’ business process, operations and needs. Therefore Infor VISUAL jobshop is very important to your business.

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